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Normand's Web Pages

About the Normands - The clan's all here

Baby Doll's Web Page - Female ferret

Baby Doll and Max write about ferrets,
with help from Cleopatra and Ruby

Brenda's Web Page - Sensational Educator

Cleopatra's Web Page - Female ferret

Kirby George's Web Page - Baby Boy Normand

Max's Web Page - Male ferret

Normand's Netcom Home Page

Pointers to the World Wide Web

Ruby's Web Page - Female ferret

Scot's Web Page - Cool Computer Person


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Other Web Sites

Evelyn Normand Evelyn's Home Page - Scot's Mother Web Page.
George Normand George's Home Page - Scot's Father Web Page.
Hopes and Dreams Hopes and Dreams Foundation of Oklahoma
Natasha Natasha's World Wide Web Home Page
YAHOO! Yahoo! - A good place to find things on the web.

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Consulting by Normand

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Scot Normand
Brenda Normand

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